I always wanted to be an artist, and this passion only evolved through my time at an art school for children.
However, the time soon came where I had to make a decision for my future. I ended up choosing to study business in university, as it was the safest most secure root to take.

Fortunately, after 15 years of forgetting my passion, I found myself wandering back to art. This reminiscence was pushed by my first pregnancy, where I began to search for creative jobs that I could complete in the comfort of my home. This gave me experience in Photoshop, which guided me to pursue digital artistry. Now, my artwork has been published in a number of magazines and art-books. This led me to start a job as a book illustrator for a Russian publishing house.

Though, when I picked up a paintbrush again after a few years, the rush of inspiration forced my hand to return back to traditional art. Today, my biggest aspiration is to become a professional artist, and keep doing what I love.


From a young age, I’ve always wanted to be an artist. Forever inspired by the scenic world around me, I sought out a way to recreate and transform the beauty seen into something of my own. 

I shape my art primarily using oil paints, acrylic paints, and coloured pencils. 
My references consist mostly of natural landscapes, that I have either experienced from holidays or walks through the forest with my dog Sunny. These are the times I could see nature in its purest, truest form. I turn these images into paintings; using oil paints to build and add depth, from the breadth of the tree bark, to the veins in the leaves, and the froth of the ocean waves. I aim to capture the magical essence within nature by using lighting, and a choice of colour scheme that results in landscapes entangled with fairytale qualities. These qualities leave an impact that feels comforting, refreshing, and can serve as a reminder for the eternal beauty that exists around us.
Furthermore, I also paint idyllic flowers; still life, from transforming seemingly mundane things into art; plus pet portraits, that keep memories alive forever. 
I hope that my art will bring you the same solace and joy they brought me when making them.